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October 18 2012

hahaha tak wodniki to dziwaki, ja jestem z 28 stycznia ha! 

October 16 2012


October 14 2012

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We all, sometimes, leave each other there under the skies, and we never understand why.
— Truman Capote, Music for Chameleons (via itsfromabook)
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#wonton #soup #food #china #dinner #nomnomnom #iphoneonly #nofilters (Taken with Instagram at 渤海大学)

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shiba kissu

im gonna cry i just cant omfg

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okay. ;

Don’t tell me how to run my life

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Seriously the #BEST #Disney #Princess ever! Best Disney movie. #Mulan <3333 (Taken with Instagram)

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cross-eyed bitch

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